12 October 2011

'Dawn of Change' diorama

Here's my last gunpla subject before folding into a new chapter. ( meaning that i will take a short break from gunpla stuff and concentrate back my MA.K series and some military projects.....:P)  Without further ado, here's my last gunpla project which gladly share with you guys. I'm always agreed with my fellow modellers friends as per advise ( Ray and Chris) to enable me to take heed with this ambitious work. Here are their quotes which really strucked me:-

As per Ray quoted : ' I don't believe in formula; practices and experiments makes you sharp...' 

As per Chris quoted : ' When you feels not enough on your weathering stuff, meaning that it's enough...'

Hopes i remembered it correctly but anyway, thanxz for the pointers guys! :)

Here's were the ingredient for my receipes :-
1. 15mm thk plywood to serve as my dio base
2. Styrofoam foam cliff props
3. Tissue paper as for seabed
4. Couples of relevant 'Pelaka' paint for my sea-water effect
5. Acrylic gel 
6. Future floor wax
7. Glass silicone ( clear)