25 September 2011

Solomon Express II - Gelgoog conversion build

Been awhile since last updates due to my recent workload. Without any hesitation, I'm gonna full swing my next BAKUC project. Same old tunes and concentrate on another diorama. This time I'm using some old school concept 'Solomon Express'. No doubt about it, I loved Makoto Kobayshi's masterpiece. And not forgetting Kazuhisa Kondo's works (Revival of Zeon) too. Is a huge challenge build for me as I'm experimenting to mix this two master's concept into my build. "Wish me luck"!Quite ambitious I might admit by exploring 40cm x 40cm dimension! 1/144 scale kits will be in my 'To do List' as follow:-

1. MAN-08 Elmeth (scratch build) - Done
2. Zaku conversion ( HGUC + MG kitbash ) - Done
3. Gelgoog conversion ( HGUC + MG kitbash ) - In progress
4. RX-78/79 conversion ( HG + RG RX-78 ) - Queueing
5. Dockyard diorama - Queueing